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Agricultural Crops Production NC III

Agricultural Crops Production NC III

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude in AGRICULTURAL CROPS PRODUCTION NC III in accordance with industry standards. In general, it covers core competencies in undertaking preparation of land for agricultural crop production, implementing a post-harvest program, implementing a plant nutrition program, controlling weeds and preparing and applying chemicals. In agronomy, it covers core competencies in establishing agronomic crops, undertaking agronomic crop maintenance activities, undertaking agronomic crop harvesting activities, saving, preparing and storing agricultural seed and implementing vertebrate pest control program.

To obtain this, all units prescribed for this qualification must be achieved.


Trainees or students wishing to enroll in this course should possess the following requirements.

  • can communicate either oral and written
  • physically  and mentally fit
  • with good moral character
  • can perform basic mathematical computation

NOMINAL DURATION        :           540 hours 

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